Direct Investment

Direct inv -> prob -> approach in short term and not long term.


Carry some of your strength of your house to your business ( patience , coaching & voluntary)

“you are hero of your children”

Every 2 months, spend half day at-least with yourself.

Vishnu – management guru, shank palia gadha-danda pushpa-appreciate

Appreciate your own people, members , friends regularly. Chakur- renew

Expectation -> enhance knowledge best industrial practices


Larva -> puper ->butterfly


How can I become best you.

1.convert 24 hours to 22 hours days

2.1 hour physical exercise ( walk, gym etc)

  1. 1 hour strong mental exercise

(read books/songs /good-times with family  “tree of happiness”


  1. Communication- record 1 written speech and lesson how do you sound.


  1. Use both side of brain


Left side of brain.                       Right side of brain.

Number                                       colour, rhythm

Alphabet                                      creativity, log priceless

Logic                                             active, innovative

Analysis                                        emotions

Today or new

Small practice


DEAF-> depositer  14000 crore unclaimed money with RBI

(Account in RBI)


Dhirubhai ambani didn’t had a will vijaypath Singhania


Loss 0f electricity


Japanese – Repairs themselves.

US/U – call up service provider and finds.


Indian – find if neighbours house has electricity


Somnath mandes   <-> mohammed gazenu


Mohammed gagan robbed Somnath madan 17th times


Education – art of learning to learn


Become good communicator. half and hour books (content & vocabulary)

  1. writing
  2. listening



Johaii window


Kennete – self                                not known to self


Known to others- open                               Blind

Not known to others- hidden                    unknown


Taking visitors card

If it was meeting you , leb keep in touch

Take feedback -> wife/ relations else with should be your wife

Character is who you are

Personalities who you want to become

One should build a personality on strong foundation & character.


Blind-> seek feedback.

Honest feedback.

Hidden->etc nature

Taking feedback

Unknown -> most imp window.


Courage zone

adventure risk, dith west to do higher duty, fear, prendrum

things I usually do  <-> 60 % comfort zone<->things lensay doing


REVISIT. Other every 18 – 36 months


White space management theory

White spaces -> unexplored

Collard spaces -> crowed.


2 things not in your control they are.



Abraham Lincoln

1.sharpen the axe (4 hours) , cuts tree in next 2 hours

2.dont predict the future, create the future.


“whether you are with your colleges , or client make your purchase trust in a way very positive way’’

“ speak up but do it respectfully’’

“ there is no refund on unused life”

“if you have life plan don’t waste time for time is what life is made of”

“ become does rather than, becoming victory”

“ only competition you have is yourself , nobody else.


It is difficult to follow but

“remember only good things in a relationship”

We are more courageous about the people and not about the ideas.

Caring about other people is asset caring about what other people think is liability.

Life is not fair, get use to it world doesn’t care who the hell you are if you care who  you are common fair is very uncommon.

Plan for your dream with S.I.P.


  1. KYC/E-scan registration offer/ desk
  2. Corporate

Run I.A.P in office once a week/fortnight

  1. Employee staff known causes / carry (back others)
  2. Work from home/give flexibility
  3. 220 I.A.P to be done by

AMFI/SEBI/ETNOW in next 3-6 months

Contract awarded to next level (alpa sher/ the needs conductor)

6.if you have done 30-40 I.A.P.S then you can change 15-20k per session for 25-30 executives

7.AMFI / SEBI/AMC you can change AMFI/SEBI for doing I.A.P

8.10-80-10 of I.A.P response leader/follower/negative I.A.P+ desk (1hour)


“we are in the business of changing life’s’’

Takenday club

Tech H.R

Wqueen H.R



-look out for influences in I.A.P

-look for I.A.P for selected corporate crump with size of 10-15 employees as conversion rate is very high

->client settle their friend/relatives family members to their office/seminars women live longer than men

30-30 challenge

Pre -retirement    post- retirement

I.A.P for teachers



Women specific

School (parents)

The : % salary





  • Focus on ELSS business
  • Succession planning
  • Jatin popat (will genie ) – 4k (giving 1k back )



Bar council session for lawyers

Type of risk

Liquid risk-higher

Credit risk

Market risk

->client participants profile

->define their expectation

->prepare presentation according

->use movie / slides

->engage their /client /list

->feedback (personal details optional )

->thankyou eracts (dere-engagement)


what is good for client is good for you”


Women loan

Women I.A.P ( corporators help)

Employee induction program

-laxmi clients/ leaders have been homemade planners

->managery house is


Assets subrem -> TCS-ED

Amandati shelf ->SBI

Ekta Kapoor ->BALEYS

Scaling up inc


Broadcast/ group if you want to leave ,please let us know so that we can assist you.

  • Do special (gifts) engagement things for H.R head ( lunch, dinner , gifts ,movie tickets .etc)
  • Firm broadcast group of prospects
  • Photos/testimonials (participants)/HR heads
  • Any lead is hit for 2 days
  • KYC desk (zero folio)
  • Desk (tax planning) /fully of returns

Check list

Can taxes

KYC term

Research sheet

Data sheet

Financial planning sheet


Visibly card

12-15k for corporate I.A.P – 30-40 Participants

ZERO folio creation

Work on SUBBROKER model

  • Sub-broker model

Its allowed ARN-sub-broker code can be put in ARN sub broken code

  • Brokerage is given to main broker.
  • Sub-broker ratio can be decided internally
  • Sub-broker agreement (take term alpa shah)

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