Portfolio Management Services

Rested firmly on the two pillars of ‘Value Investing’ and ‘Result Orientation’, the Portfolio Management and Broking alternatives rendered by Moat are guided by an investment philosophy that is highly disciplined and process centric. Our credible and renowned channel partners administer a distinct style of investment management that aims to strike a perfect equilibrium between capital protections and return maximization. At Moat, due emphasis is laid on the method of compounding, in order to conserve and build wealth consistently across market cycles.

” PMS is a SEBI licensed investment platform for investing in stocks, fixed income, cash, structured products and other individual securities, managed by a professional money manager, which can potentially be tailored to meet specific investment objectives. Every account may be unique though portfolio managers may run several portfolios simultaneously. As per SEBI guidelines the minimum corpus required to invest is Rs. 25 lacs, either a sum of up to Rs 25 lakh or stocks worth this much or combination of both.

Unifi Capital PMS

Unifi is a specialized Portfolio Management company with over 15 years of Fund Management expertise and over 1200 Crores of Assets Under Management (AUM).


  • Deep Value Discount Fund – The Fund seeks to achieve above-average returns with below-average risk. The market’s current focus is on short-term issues, rather than on a long-term structural shift. Today’s valuations allow for exceptional returns along with substantial downside protection. The Fund aims to double investors’ capital in 36 months or less.
  • Spin Off Fund – The fund seeks to generate superior risk adjusted returns relative to market indices by investing in stocks of companies undergoing Spin-offs. Typically, such an action by the company will help remove the holding company discount that the market attributes and thereby enhance the stock’s valuation. Unifi’s proposition is to gain from the information asymmetry linked value-price mismatch, by closely tracking the entire Spin-Off process and investing in such companies after a detailed review of their fundamentals.
  • APJ 20 – The Fund seeks to achieve absolute returns with below-average risk over a horizon of 4-5 years. The fund would invest in sectors that will benefit from the next stage of India’s growth on the back of improvement in India’s economic and policy climate. The Fund endeavours to grow investors’ capital by 3x in 5 years time or less.
  • Hold Co Fund – The objective of the fund is to seek to unlock value by investing in listed holding companies across a wide array of industries. Holding companies in the fund’s universe are defined as those entities which hold stakes in other listed entities, and trade at a significant discount to the NAV of the underlying assets
  • Insider Shadow Fund – Generate superior risk adjusted returns, in relation to the broad market, by investing in fundamentally sound companies where the promoters’ have acquired additional shares at market prices or companies that have repurchased their own shares. Typically, such an action by a company or a controlling shareholder demonstrates their conviction that the company’s growth prospects or inherent value has not been captured in its stock price at that point.
  • Event Arbitrage Fund – The fund seeks to generate stable absolute returns that are consistently superior to conventional fixed income instruments by identification and quick execution of low risk – moderate gain event arbitrage opportunities arising in the equity markets from time to time. Additionally, nominal and high yield debt would be considered to ensure optimum utilisation of funds and enhance returns with uncompromising emphasis on capital preservation.
  • India Sector Trend Fund – A historical analysis of market performance suggests that the broader indices at any given point in time are driven by a few sectors; each a function of its exclusive set of headwinds and tailwinds. Thus, an investment in the right sector at the right time is a definite means of earning superior returns over the benchmark indices. The underlying driver of this style is to align with sectors and companies that are in the favourable end of the business cycle and underweighting sectors facing industry head winds. The portfolio will largely (>85%) consist of companies within the blue chip universe of BSE200 while the fund management strategy is aligned with identifying and participating in growth as defined by (a) visibility of medium to long term earnings, (b) strong balance sheet metrics, (c) competitive MOAT and, (d) how the risk/reward is positioned at existing valuations. The fund manager at any given point in time reserves the flexibility to participate in an opportunity outside of BSE200 (not exceeding 15% of the portfolio) that is backed by in-house fundamental conviction.

Motilal Oswal PMS

We have discretionary Portfolio Management Service, which offers professional management of your investments with an aim to deliver consistent returns. It relieves you from all monitoring hassles with benefits like regular reviews, strong risk management flexibility and makes it an ideal investment avenue for high net worth investors.


  • Value Strategy – The Value Strategy aims to benefit from the long term compounding effect on investments done in good businesses, run by great business managers for superior wealth creation.The Strategy has the investment style of buying Undervalued stock & Sell overvalued stocks, irrespective of index movements.
  • Next Trillion Dollar Opportunity – The NTDOP Aims to deliver superior returns by investing in focused themes which are part of the next trillion dollar GDP growth opportunity The Strategy endeavor to capitalize on the themes of consumerism, Banking & Financial Services & Infrastructure in the Indian Economy.
  • India Opportunities Portfolio Strategy The India Opportunities Portfolio will aim to capitalize on this growth by investing in companies which are expected to grow along with India and meet our unique investment philosophy of QGLP. The Strategy is a multicap strategy with exposure across market segments such as Large Cao, Midcap & Small cap to take the advantage of different market trends.

Sundaram PMS


Sundaram India Secular Opportunities Portfolio ( SISOP ) – The objective of the portfolio is to generate capital appreciation by investing in concentrated set of high conviction stocks.

PACE  – The product is suited for investors who seek long term capital growth by investments in equities of companies with good growth prospects

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