I am Reena Sahani from Reena Couture powered by JAI MATA DI BOUTIQUES fashion designer specialising in bridal wear has a pleasure to give a vote of appreciation to Mr. Subhash Chawan from Moat Wealth Advisors for his prompt and efficient services for my financial investments with exact clarity on the plans and its benefits as to a lay man made in the best simplest form by him.

I would recommend his services to all my possible contacts. Wishing you a bright future and lot of success to come.

Reena Sahani
, Reena Couture

We happen to take the Financial Advisory from Mr. Abhishek Gupta of Moat Wealth Pvt Ltd for short term investments.
Must say Mr. Abhishek Gupta and their team were available to us to help. Service received from them was remarkable and exceptional.
Abhishek Gupta (A Certified Financial Planner (CFP)) and his team have got Exceptional Knowledge in Hand Holding you to receive all your financial goals.

We would definitely recommend Mr. Abhishek Gupta of Moat Wealth Advisors for exceptional service provided by them.

Rakesh Jain
Co-Founder & Marketing Head, Nanglok Consultancy

My relative Sheetal and her husband Deep has started their investment with Abhishek Gupta from last two years, they found that Moat Wealth Advisors are very good in investing their money in equity and got very good returns. So they are started giving referrals of their friends to Abhishek and now many of their friends, colleagues and relatives are investing with Moat Wealth Advisors.

My relatives are so happy that they are thanking me a lot for referring Moat Wealth Advisors to them. I take this opportunity to thank Abhishek and Moat Wealth Advisor team. I highly recommend them as best investment advisors, prompt and professional service.

Wishing Moat Wealth Advisors all the success in his business.

Santtosh Patil
C.M.D, UK’s Resort Pvt. Ltd.

We recently decided to take expert advice for short term investments, Mr. Abhishek and his young team were quick enough to put us through the best investment options.

Abhishek has the best professionals working in his team with ready to do kind of attitude.

We have referred Abhishek, the certified financial planner with confidence to our contacts and have received very positive opinion about him.

Truly Abhishek has the best investment knowledge with appreciable services to deliver. We will keep referring his services in future too.

Siddharth Shah

This is to testify about the credibility of Moat Wealth Advisors Financial advices and their timely services they have given to my clients.

Because of your service, I could honour my commitment to one of my clients and hence the credits go to you and to your staff.

I will highly recommend Mr. Subhash Chawan of Moat Wealth Advisors to all my clients who are in need of Wealth Management Services. Wish you and your company all the best and hope you may score more milestones in your career.

John Fernandes
Member of Corporate Club for Agents, MDRT

Mr. Abhishek Gupta of Moat Wealth Advisors has been telling about investing in Liquid Fund. I had invested according to his advice and as promised by him when I needed the money in just one day I got my money back.

In today’s world where there are so many people who advise you about investing your hard earned money in different schemes here is a person who is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and will never give you any wrong advice.

I strongly recommend Moat Wealth Advisors for investing your hard earned money. They will take good care of your money, nurture it, multiply it and most importantly see to it that you get back your money when you need it.

Dr. C. V. Joshi
C.E.O, Revive Lifestyle

Moat Wealth Advisors have brought spectacular change in the ways we make our investments. Mr. Abhishek Gupta has demystified many facts about saving habits, and given me confidence and clarity about money matters like no one ever did.

We now confidently recommend our trusted clients to Moat Wealth Advisors for co-creating a solid financial plan that woul
d help them face changes and feel more secure that their goals remain on track, eventually leading them to financial freedom.

Girija Deshpande
Managing Partner, DG Consulting

“We were so happy with the way Mr. Abhishek Gupta educated us rather than selling us any of his products. He was more keen on finding out what our goals were and then crafted an investment structure around it; so that we could chase our goals and not just get returns.”

Anil Thomas
Program Director & CEO, TTGLS


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